Video competition


all you have to do to enter the competition is to record game footage on our server and post it in a reply to this thread. 

The video can be of anything from good kills to useful help videos. 

Winner will be picked at random and will win a prize of 100,000 pop caps on our server, 

we will pick a winner once we have 10 entries, so get filming. 


TIP- if you have a GeForce graphics card you can use Shadow Play for free to record your screen. (Just google shadow play)

Server Guidlines/General Rules


We are a pretty laid back server we like to say do what it takes to survive but we need a few guidelines of what you will get warned/banned for. 

Few examples -
Player buys a car leaves it unlocked parked in the trader while they buy something, you jump in and sell it to the dump, player moans and complains,
Well that's their own fault for not locking it, anything left in the open unlocked is fair game. 

Useful Tips & Info


Server restarts every 4 hours, be sure to logout before the restart or you risk losing equipment. 

Vehicles left in trader safe zones unlock after server restart. 

Vehicles that have not been used for 3 days are deleted. 

Keep an eye on your body temperature if it gets to low it will kill you, you should aim to keep it around 37. You can use heat packs for a quick temperature boost, they can be bought,found or crafted out of 2x toilet rolls. 

AI missions have rocket launchers and are very good shots so use caution when in a vehicle near a mission spawn. 

Fun On The Test Server

Finding rare loot


How to hook a taru pod


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